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Sunfitters' History

Joel Smith, President of Sunfitters tells the story.

My Dad began his remodeling career under the stern eye of a Swedish Master Carpenter who insisted on nothing less than excellent workmanship.  He built up his own business on the side and ended up in business after his employer retired.

This was the business that I joined after high school and Dad was just as fussy about my work as his boss was about his.

"How's it look?" he would ask.

"Fine",  was my answer.

"Fine is not good enough!  I want it perfect!"

As demanding as this sounds I know now that he was passing on to me the gift of pride in workmanship.  His words still ring in my ears whenever I am faced with the temptation to cut corners.  Thanks, Dad.

Fast forward 30 years.  Now I teach my son, Jesse the same values.  I hope my methods are more forgiving, but I know that the lesson is being learned.  I am proud to say his work looks great.

Another lesson I learned from my dad was how to treat customers.  I believe Dad was a ?Golden Rule? businessman and his combination of fair dealings and high-quality work ensured success.

Some things have changed over the years; like the name.  Sunfitters was our effort to capture the growing market for sunrooms and energy efficient buildings.  We built several sunrooms but soon realized that all we really have to offer is what Dad offered his customers;  Great service and great work.  Our hand saws and hammers have been replaced by power saws and air nailers and we use products that keep up with the times, but that?s only so we can do a better job faster.



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